Wolfgang Sealant

Wolfgang sealant is a make of paint sealant usually used on cars.

It is fairly expensive at nearly 30 ($50) a bottle but definately delivers on its promise.

Wolfgang Sealant gives a deep gloss to your paintwork with a liquid, wet, quality.

Aside from looking brilliant the product also lasts longer than competitors such as wax. You will find that the durability and longevety of the product, when applied, is far greater than that of a wax.

The secret is that the Wolfgang deep paint gloss sealant is water based as opposed to based on synthetic solvents found in many sealants.

How to use Wolfgang Sealant

  1. Wash and dry your car

  2. Optionally use a pain cleaner to remove any small particles or contaminents that may be left after washing

  3. Apply the Wolfgang sealant to the entire car by hand or with a polishing device

  4. Wait at least 45 minutes, or until the sealant is completely dry, before removing it.

  5. The sealant is oxygen activated and exposing your newly sealed vehicle to moisture can be detrimental to the effect of the application so wait at least 12 hours before driving anywhere.