Sealant gun guide

This page will list some popular sealant guns with a small review for each one. We will be adding to this page all the time so check back regularily for more information.


Click n Seal has a patented way of holding the cartridge at only the base so that the user has more room to maneuver around difficult and hard to reach areas like behind taps, conventional design sealant applicators have a metal frame around the base and the end making it wider than the click n' seal they are also heavier.Click n' seal also allows for easy rotation of the cartridge as the end nozzle is normally cut on a 45 degree angle so keeping the angle parallel with the surface to be sealed really helps with applying a neat finish, and when you have finished with the cartridge its simple light weight design means quick cartridge change.

This Product is available in 310ml and 400ml and is exclusive to Everbuid