How to paint and seal YOUR garage floor!

Preparation is the key ...

It doesn't matter how good your paint is it wont compensate for a poorly prepared surface. Before you begin painting, the floor substrate needs to be in a great working condition: clean, dry and free from dust, grease or any other contaminants.

Concrete (bare):

Brush thoroughly with a wire brush. Remove all dust (use a face mask). The floor should then be sealed with a concrete sealer.

New concrete:

Recently laid concrete must be given time to dry for at least one month. Then treat it if it were like bare concrete.

Bare brick or stone:

Remove loose and flaking debris by wire brushing. Make sure its dust free. Again avoid the dust inhalation by using a face mask. Seal with a Concrete Sealer.

Concrete which has old paint on it: Scratch the surface with a wire brush then remove the loose or peeling paint. Sand down and wipe clean (get an old vacuum cleaner to help remove dust). Treat any bare surfaces with concrete sealant.


Stir your paint really well with a broad stirring stick ensuring to stir the bottom of the can. This is necessary to make sure you get the best colour and finish.

Two coats need to be applied by means of a natural bristle brush or roller appropriate for solvent-based paint.

Tip** When using more than one tin, ensure you mix the two tins together to get an even colour!

Drying time

Painted floor is normally dry in 1 hour. Overcoat in 6 hours, after 48hours the floor can be walked on. Drying times will be extended at low temperatures. (see manufacturers instructions)

Although quick drying garage floor paint is dry after 48 hours, full hardness is not reached for about normally 5 days. Avoid using the area during this time.


Most paints donít take that well to shiny surfaces like power floated concrete and self-levelling compounds! Also garage floor paints not usually suitable on ceramic, terracotta or quarry tiles, asphalt or vinyl flooring.

"Oh yeah when painting do start from the back and work your way to the front garage door. If you do decide to finish off at the back door remember to unlock it!"

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