How to get my decorators caulk neat and tidy

Decorators caulk is a white emulsion-based sealant and filler typically used for repairing cracks and gaps around skirting boards, architrave, door frames and windows.

It can be tricky to keep your caulking looking straight and clean but here is good tip that you may find useful. A good way to keep your decorators caulk looking neat and tidy is firstly apply a small amount of caulk you can always add more and then wet your finger and run your finger across the caulk thats been applied, you can wipe the caulking as much as you want (it makes it neater) its not like using silicone where the more you wipe it the harder it is to get neat!

Directors caulk is a flexible interior filler for:

  • Gaps around skirting boards

  • Around windows

  • Doors / Architrave (where movement occurs)

  • Ceilings and coving

  • Wall edges where cracks may occur

  • Cracks in wallplaster - remember directors caulk can be sanded flush against a surface

  • Gaps in plaster

  • Around wall plug sockets

Not only is the finish paintable when dry, it looks cleaner with no dark gaps and can also help prevent drafts, a big bonus when used around windows and other such points.

Directors caulk can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as:

  • Wood

  • Brickwork

  • Finished plaster

  • PVCu windows and doors

  • Plasterboard

  • Concrete

  • Block-work

  • Tiles

  • Floor boards

With such a vast variety of compatible materials it is easy to see why directors caulk is used extensively throughout almost all DIY projects, proffesional alterations and new builds alike.