How to apply roof sealant

Roof Sealant normally comes in a paint tin and is applied by brush and when given 2- 3 coats it gives a waterproof seal and will extent the life of the existing roof. This is achieved because the roof membrane has elastic properties which allow it to expand and contract to its original shape without causing damage, it also reflects the the heat from the sun and protects from the weather.

Step by step guide to applying a roof sealant:

  1. Inspect the roof for any cracks,tears or gaps as these will need fixing before any work can start.

  2. Clean the roof using a pressure washer if available if not a stiff brush will do but make sure the moss and dirt are removed and the roof is clean enough to take the sealant. use a detergent then rinse thoroughly.

  3. Leave the roof to dry completely.

  4. Prime the roof to improve the adhesion for the final sealant coat.

  5. Apply the Roof Sealant coat and allow to dry before adding another coat, apply 3 coats if necessary.