Fugi applicator kit

The Fugi Applicator kit is a great way to achieve a great finish on your sealed joints. Many people use a finger to smooth out a silicone bead but this can result in an uneven finish.

The fugi applicator kit is a plastic / rubber mould that is designed to fit in the joint nicely to achieve a perfectly smooth seal.

With the kit you get a number of differently shaped moulds to allow you to create various finishes at various shapes normally round edge or a 45 degree straight edge.

To use the fugi kit firstly apply the sealant where you need it. Then place the kit at one end of your seal and push it into the silicone right up to the joint. Slowly move the fugi kit up the silicone until you reach the other end. This will smooth out the beat and give you a perfectly smooth and sharp finish.

There are a few limitations to the Fugi kit however. On rough surfaced tiles and surfaces it is a little trickier to wipe the silicone off, but same can be said for using your finger. At the end of the day it comes down to judgement and using the best tool for the job.