Expanding foam sealant

A plastic foam that is used mainly in building construction and fragile packaging usually made up of Polyisocyanurate or Polyurthene and this liquid foam normally dispensed through a pressurized canister can expand up to 280 times in volume from its liquid state. It has many properties and can be put to many uses thats why this product is sold all over the world.

In Building & Construction it can be used for:

  • Thermal Insulation - Fills and insulates better than fiberglass and can stop drafts around vents, Plumbing stacks and shafts, pipes, electrical junction box's and many other areas around the building by also forming an air tight seal.

  • Flame Resistant Sealant -a sealant for service areas and flu's is flame and heat resistant.

  • Gap filling

  • low & high Density Applications -High load bearing applications where a positive weather seal is required or commercial vehicles where a low force-to compress water seal is required.

In Packaging it can be used for protection as it can be used to fit any size or shape.